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Rawan Design Studio, is a boutique design studio with big ideas, that specializes in delivering outstanding visual communication solutions. RDS provides a wide range of creative solutions for corporate businesses with a focus on professional & integrated branding, and highest standards of quality.

Rawan Sindi

Self-motivated graphic designer & art director who is able to translate desired moods, messages, concepts, & underdeveloped ideas into visual communication solutions.


Bachelor of Graphic Design

First-Class Honour
Dar Al-Hekma University

2004 - 2009 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Masters of Business Administration 
with Concentration on Marketing

First-Class Honour

University of Business & Technology

2010 - 2012 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Rawan Design Studio   

Founder/ Creative Director  


Rayat Brands   

Assistant Art Director 


Spine Creative Backbone
Assistant Creative Manager  


Memac Ogilvy
Graphic Designer  


Graphic Designer


Blueprint Communication
Graphic Designer

Mazen Dhaifallah

Manager of Corporate Governance

at Saudi Ground Services Co.

We are impressed with the appealing Annual report rebranded by Rawan Design Studio. Great photography and retouches, creative graphic designing team and high compliance in meeting project deadlines. We will definitely be happy to work again with Rawan Design Studio.

Fouad Reda

Head of Corporate Services
at AMS Baeshen


One of the most creative and practical graphic designers. We have enjoyed her great out put on several corporate projects. Every time she raise the bar. Precious input and outstanding results with a great personal touch. We are lucky to work with someone like Rawan, she is gifted

Shaker Wadinly

Corporate Communications Manager
at SEDCO Holding Group


Highly caliber and proactive, Rawan plays a key role when it comes to deliver corporate communication projects for her clients. Committed to projects deliveries and deadlines, she demonstrates high level of comprehension to projects’ elements, clients servicing, and delivering brilliant look and feel. 



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